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Linda’s First Blog


I happily sit or stand here in my workshop I call ‘my little world’ making art and generally giving my creativity a good workout. Throughout that time, many people keep telling me that I should do a blog and let them experience this artistic sanctuary; even I keep telling me I should do a blog!

So today’s the day! No more procrastinating; in the middle of lots of work to finish before a holiday in three days’ time, two dogs trying to sit on my lap, the builders crashing around downstairs and two phones ringing, I shall begin!
Maybe this is why I do what I do! To escape, to block out all the other things I don’t want to deal with right now. Instead, I’ll create abstract photographs where ordinary things become something else, sculptures with hidden meanings and my dioramas, where anything can happen: a scene from real life, a fantasy, a fairytale or simply a story. All done in miniature, thoughts and actions frozen, a 3D creation to watch anytime.

In a similar way to when I was a child, wandering around the house looking for materials to build things, I do so now in a more extensive way. The search is an adventure within itself, forever looking for odd bits and pieces or something discarded, something weird and wacky to make something out of it. I am always amazed at the things people no longer use or want, or see no beauty in anymore.
Anyway, time is cracking on, and I’ve plenty to do! I hope you will join me on this journey in the coming weeks for a different side of life as we explore new worlds.

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